Gifts, What Should I Get?

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I might be the only member of my family that seldom engages in gift giving or exchanging. Don’t take me wrong I like to give and I find the experience rewarding. It simply frustrates me to look for the perfect gift. My small circle of friends and family know this about me so, usually they don’t think much of it. However, I still try very hard to come up with a gift that shows how special someone is to me. Perfect? Well, maybe not but trust me when I tell you that I try.

When I’m invited to someone’s house I’ll always bring something, the problem is how many bottles of wine can one person get? Wine is perfectly acceptable and a safe gift, almost everyone likes it or knows someone who does. I lost count of how many bottles of red and white wine I have gifted in the past. I can’t do no more! I have reached the threshold of boring, predictable gifting.

Last year I purchase an oil painting for my living room. A beautiful reproduction of Van Gogh’s Almond tree which has been my favorite for quite a while. The painting is absolutely gorgeous! It came rolled in a tube, and I later took it to a specialty place to have it stretched. It hangs now on my wall.

That painting has given me so much joy and inspiration. I love staring at it and see the paint strokes imitating in its precision the perfection and imperfection of nature. It was during one of these times-me holding my coffee mug staring dreamily at my painting that a light switch went off in my head. For a very affordable price I can get any oil painting I wish at any dimension and walk through the door of my hosts’ house carrying the absolutely best gift of all!

I just need to know a bit about the person I am gifting a painting to, and problem solved. I have given five paintings so far to friends and family and they absolutely adore them. I know this for a fact because the art is up on their walls. Every time they look at their painting they think of me. Well, maybe not but my intent was to get them something that would bring them ever lasting joy, and that is special and different. So, I have done my job! Haven’t I?


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