How to Name a Star as a Gift – Is It Real?

How to Name a Star as a Gift – Is It Real?

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Name a Star as a Gift

When looking for a unique gift for a loved one or friend, then naming a star may be the solution you are looking for. Everyone has that one friend that has everything and buying a gift for their birthday or even for Christmas can be the most daunting experience, you want to give them something that they will enjoy and that makes a statement.

In order to name a star, there are some steps to go through to ensure that you are using a legitimate company and that the person you are buying the gift for will have their name to the star and no one else. After you have finished and paid, the star should only have one name, the one you have given to it moving forward.

Any star that you name should be entered into an international registry. Each company keeps their own private list of names, but these starts need to be shared to ensure that there isn’t another company out there that will name the same star, thereby giving the star two names.

Ensure the company you use to name a star provides you with complete confidentiality at all times. They should have their own private database of names which they keep secure and safe at all times, eliminating the risk of the names getting into the wrong hands. You can ask the company how they protect the information, where they keep their database and how they ensure that they don’t hand out the same star to other customers, giving one star numerous names in the long run.

The company should provide you with all the essential documentation when you name a star which should includes the co-ordinates of the star. This is how they can name various stars. You have your well-known stars which have been named and everyone knows, but there are those stars throughout the night sky that are known as co-ordinates only and these are the ones which can take on a name. You will be given the co-ordinates along with a full colour map to help you find the star at night and identify which one has the name you have chosen.

Naming a star as a gift is something so unique and different. While it may seem like a gimmick, the fact is that these are very real and once named the star is not renamed by anyone else. It gets that name for life. The great thing with these unique gifts is that they come with everything the person needs to find their star and identify it.

If you choose a reputable company to register the name with, they will provide you with a naming certificate, registration documents, co-ordinates and more to ensure the star can be found. They will also provide a map of the night sky with the star clearly marked making it even easier to identify at any time.

Another reason you may want to consider a star as a gift for that one friend or family member is the price. Surprisingly something this unique is not as expensive as you may think it should be. You can spend minimal amount of money based on the package you choose. They come from the bare basic package with a name a star certificate and registration to a complete gift box set with everything the person will need to identify their star and show it off to their own friends and family moving forward.


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