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The Gift of Cat Entertainment Tools and Toys!

The Many Options To Entertain Cats From Bird and Squirrel Feeders to Unique Cat Swimming Pools To Many More

The first Cat Entertain Tool is the bird feeder and below while I was trying to also find a birder feeder that could also be used as a squirrel feeder and accidentally found a squirrel-proof one. Below the Bird Feeders are many other ways to entertain kitty plus much more so just scroll down to see all…

In The Spotlight for Cats (and People): The VERY Unique Coveside Panoramic In-house Window Bird Feeder with Mirrored Panel

I can’t imagine a kitty not liking this bird feeder and it has a Mirrored Panel so birds can’t see the cat. This would make a great gift for cats and people too! Just click below to see it on Amazon and read about it.

In The Spotlight Too: A Green Pet Gift That Will Entertain Your Cat…And Dog And You Too.

It’s the low cost bird feeder made from recycled materials. These obviously can attract squirrels too. And that’s not a bad thing. Check out my cat and dog’s reaction in the videos below on this page. So here’s 2 options in the spotlight as well as a funny squirrel feeder to amuse everyone!

Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats – Accidentally Found A Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder When Entertaining My Cat With A Bird Feeder

Honey my cat loves looking outside and I wanted to give her something to look at. My first try was a window bird feeder but birds did not appear the next day and I got a little impatient so Plan B was a regular bird feeder as one of the goals here was a Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats. My other goal was to feed both birds and squirrels.

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Bird Feeders Provide Cat Entertainment and Keep Them Out of Trouble

For the Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats, I chose the Pennington bird feeder like the ones here as they are made from recycled materials and cute. The fact that these are bird feeders made from recycled materials was a big plus for me. One thing about Honey is that she needs to be kept busy or she will get in trouble so a bird feeder or two definitely keeps her busy looking out the window as you can see in the photo above. A bird feeder to entertain cats is a great way to entertain Honey as now she spend a lot of time in the window watching birds and squirrels visit the bird feeder instead of stealing small items, getting into the trash or picking on my Chihuahua, Sweetie.

No Matter Which Type Of Feeder You Want The End Result – A Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats

Not everyone wants squirrels to visit their bird feeder or kitty so there’s the squirrel-proof bird feeders to keep the squirrels away. Below are some squirrel-proof bird feeders. Click to see these on Amazon and read the reviews to see how well they work…:

And here’s some that are squirrel feeders. No matter which route you choose they all will entertain cats and the first Pennington feeder is for both squirrels and birds!:

A Great Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats: The Window Bird Feeder

My kitten Honey is 8 months old now and gets bored easily and when she does, she starts to play a little too rough with my Chihuahua mix Sweetie or ventures to the trash can or another bad so the solution is keep her real busy. So I decided to get her a window bird feeder to keep her amused and that with other toys to play with seems to be the answer. The window bird feeder not only feed the birds and make them happy but gives Honey something to look at every day. I had a window bird feeder in the past but the problem was the suction cups did not hold to the window glass well and thus a problem. So I learned one has to be careful about which one to buy and also look for ones that can handle larger birds like a Cardinal. These on Amazon have great reviews and handle larger birds so just click to read more about these below that sound like a good option:

More Ways To Entertain Cats

In The Spotlight: Not Just For Dogs: Introducing The Cat Pool With A Twist! Relieve Your Kitty’s Stress With Some Real Fun!

It’s The Cat’s Meow: A Portable Cat Pool Fish Floating Cat Toys Set

While it’s true some cats actually like to swim…that is not this pool’s main attraction to felines…it’s the floating fun toys that should catch any curious cat’s attention and provide entertainment. And of course it is a Cat Pool as well that they can cool off in when hot or a bathtub for a cat. It has great reviews on Amazon as most cats liked it and to find out more is just a click away:

And if you already own a folding pet or cat swimming pool below is an option for the Battery Powered Robo Fish Toys where you can simply put them in this pool or even in the tub or sink to give your kitty something fun to look at! There’s also an option for cat swimming pool or pet tub and a fish bowl with the robo fish toys to amuse your cat:

While your kitty may not actually like to swim in a Cat Swimming Pool like a dog in a dog pool, most cats would enjoy the robo fish in one or a fish bowl with robo fish… I know my cat is fascinated with water. She spends a lot of time in a tub with a wet floor and tips over her water bowl constantly and sticks her paws in it so I’m definitely going to try some of these ideas on this page for her!

More Cat Entertainment Gifts For Cat Anxiety and More

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