The Joy Of Brothers And Sisters Day

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Brothers and Sisters Day is celebrated on May 2nd every year. This day is to share our joy with our siblings, send cards and gifts to them and share childhood memories to cherish the relationship. Why are siblings so important? Try to look for a family with only one child. Observe the child carefully for some days. Now look for a family with more than one children. Observe them. You will know the difference. The lone child has a lot to share, but has no one with whom he/she can share. They have to look for friends. A family with more children gives an opportunity to siblings to share, play together and fight over small things. These are activities that bring life alive for children.

Go back to your childhood. Try to recollect as much as you can. Your pre-school days, your home, your clothes, your kid siblings and your friends. Your toys, your games and every thing you did during your growing years. The enjoyment you got in celebrating holidays with your siblings, the small fights you had with them over small issues, and the fun you had together.

Now you are grown up. You have developed new relationships. You have a career. You have a new home of your own. Your siblings are away from you. Every one in his/her own world. Trying to carry on with life. You are no more a child, but does that erase the memories? Does that erase the close bond of blood you shared? Will that erase the pains and pleasures of childhood? No. Childhood is the time when our character takes a shape. The small stories your parents told you, shaped your thinking. The impressions you gathered during your childhood will shape your life to come. Childhood years are more important than we assume. Our thoughts, decisions and character today is lot dependent on what we learnt during our childhood. Our likes and dislikes are dependent upon our experience during growing years.

That is the importance of brothers and sisters. They were a part of the childhood and they will always remain a part of your life. Wish them with greeting cards on this day. Send gifts and share memories. Rekindle the joy of childhood on Brothers and Sisters Day.

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