The Mood Of Valentine’s Day

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Mood. It is something very complicated. One moment, we are in a mood to go out and meet some friends, and the next moment our mood changes. Mood is a state of mind and as most of us have no control over our minds, our mood changes from sad to happy or vice versa.

Valentine’s day is coming. One cannot forget to be in the right mood for that day. Isn’t it? How to do that? How to make sure that on that day, our mood does not become sad or some bad memories don’t overpower us on that day? And that we are in a mood to appreciate our beloved and make him/her feel special.

What makes or decides the mood? First is the atmosphere. When you walk in a cancer ward of a hospital, your mood immediately becomes sad and you begin thinking of pains of life. And if after an hour, you find yourself in a party to celebrate your friend’s birthday, with joy all around, your mood takes an about turn and you join the fun. So atmosphere decides mood.

The next to affect our mood are thoughts. If you read and think more about philosophy of living and the why and how of life, your mood automatically becomes serious. One needs a balance in life to keep a sane head all the time. Otherwise, either you will be always cheerful about everything and take nothing seriously or you will remain sad for most of the time. Bring a balance in your life, in your mind.

Coming to Valentine’s Day, one has to get into the mood of romance. How to do that? Here are some tips. Read more romantic stories/novels or thoughts. Go window shopping near places that stock Valentine’s gifts. Download few Valentine’s day wallpapers or screensavers. Talk to your friends about how love changes life. Avoid any serious topic for few days. Choose clothes that energize you. Go for colors rather than whites. Shop for a lovely gift for your sweetheart. Buy some flowers. Small things will add to your mood and by the time the Valentine’s Day arrives, you will be in a romantic mood.

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