Do You Know Someone Who Has Cable But Wants More? Pays A Lot For Cable and Tired of It? There Are Cable TV Alternatives!

Those who have cable may like to have more program options. A Roku Streaming Media Player may be the answer! Below are some options. If you are looking for a bargain on Amazon for electronic and other types of products…click on the banner below and below are also other Amazon options for Roku:

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Some TVs include Roku:

Or maybe the person is sick of their high cable bill and/or would like to still have some of the channels they enjoy and not pay the big cost for the many they never watch or are interested in watching. There are Cable TV Alternatives and I found many of them! I bought these 2 items below after my special cable rate ended and the cost tripled to a shocking monthly antenna and an amplifier. It depends where one lives but I don't eactly live near a big city and actually over 50 miles from a city with local TV channels and was quite pleased with the amount of local TV channels I got....over 17 channels. The antenna is kept inside but if outside I'd get even more. So I said goodbye to my cable TV bill in 2015 especially after adding the Roku Streaming Media Player with options for these channels/services below and quite happy as I watch the major services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix but there so much more...and some Cable TV Alternatives and services offer cable TV channel(s) at low cost!:

  • Lifetime Movie Club
  • Hulu
  • Sling