Why You Should Buy Him a Personalised Gift

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It’s notoriously difficult to find gifts for men. Whether we’re buying for our partners, fathers or male colleagues, it’s common for us to draw a total blank when it comes to finding them something both thoughtful and functional that they’ll like.

Even if you know they enjoy a particular hobby, or have a specialist interest in food or wine – how do you know that somebody else won’t have thought of the same thing? The last thing you want is to appear as if you’ve not given them enough thought, or for them to end up with duplicates of the same thing.

This is why personalised gifts are such a good idea. You can find something that is both beautifully made and peaks their interest, all the while gracing them with something unique and meaningful that they will treasure for years to come.

You will want to start by finding an online retailer specialising in high-quality, personalised gifts. Why not do an online search to suss out which companies are the most reputable?

You’ll want to bear in mind the cost of delivery, estimated delivery times and whether they charge per letter when engraving typography. It’s best to check out their previous reviews, too.

Once you’ve found a website you’re happy with, have a look through the categories on their site. There should be a tab or link labelled ‘for him.’ Here you should be able to browse through their complete range of products for men and find something to suit your loved one.

For example, if the man in your life is an avid beer drinker, why not get him a personalised ale or lager bottle for his birthday? Not only will he be able to sit back and enjoy a high-quality beverage, but he’ll also have a keepsake bottle by which to remember the occasion.

Likewise, if he is a foodie, there are a range of websites out there who will provide a beautiful kitchen staple as well as professional engraving services. You could find him a solid oak chopping board, with a quote from his favourite film crafted into the wood, for example.

Alternatively, if the item is an anniversary or Valentines gift, you could have the date you met or married inscribed instead, with a romantic picture of the two of you together. Remember to make sure your chosen photograph will fit in the frame; the sizes should be listed on the website, but if in doubt you can consult a customer service advisor either online or via their customer service phone number.

You can even go the whole hog and buy him a personalised cheese board, with his name or a memorable piece of scripture included – some companies will even provide the cheese! You will also be able to find personalised accessories such as a cheese knife or unique chutney jars. So if he’s a cheese lover, you’re all set.

If you want to opt for something a little more personal, why not find a unique frame for your favourite picture of the two of you together, or him on holiday with his friends? The best bespoke gift retailers won’t limit how much typography you can ask for, so you could display a motivational quote, an ‘in-joke’ the two of you have, or song lyrics to make the frame extra special.

If you’re opting for a photo frame, make sure it’s made from high-quality material. There are a range of options out there, most notably some beautifully ornate solid oak frames. Some companies will even engrave on glass.

Now that you have a range of options to choose from, you’ll need to decide which one your man will like best and get ordering!


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